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Woman held for turning row over van seat into physical battle

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12 hours ago, Tich said:

Do you know who i am ?

Ronnie Pickering in drag of course!

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CCTV footage of the attack:


The report in the Daily News said the 50-year-old attacker was employed as a care worker for the elderly, which I guess won't fill the families of the people entrusted to her care with much confidence.

After the meeting at the police station to clear the matter, 30-year-old victim Miss Bum told reporters that the attacker never apologised or showed any remorse and was of the view that the 50k Baht damages sought was more than the assault warranted.
Miss Bum said she had never met the woman before and had to endure the attacker berating her for the whole 30 minute journey before the attack.

Video of the masked attacker leaving the police station on a motorcycle taxi while refusing to answer reporters' questions.


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On 9/16/2020 at 1:30 PM, Justgrazing said:

Needs counselling for wanting to get on one of those vans in the first place .. 

Silver bullets of death...tried it once...lesson learned

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