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Air-con service

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I am looking for a reliable air-con firm (Pattaya). I have used the same firm  for many years but when I rang today the guy spoke Thai, the owner was (is) Paul. Don't now his surname I've always thought of him as Aircon Paul..

So can anyone recommend a good firm to service my air-con.

I was having some new tiles in the bathrobe ceiling and it was pointed out to me that the lagging on the pipe leading to the roof was leaking (obviously what caused the tiles to stain). So I need someone to come tomorrow or Friday to fix it so that the rest of the tiles can be replaced.

I didn't know if this was the right place to post but I thought it would be read by more people

I am very hard of hearing so a native English speaker or an email address would help.

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You could try this guy -


Centre Service Pattaya 087 600 3235


Speaks some English, seemed to know what he was doing, very thorough but charged a bit more than most for cleaning.


Also been good reports in the past on Numchai but pot luck on the English.......

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I have been using PK Air (shop in Thepparasit) for years for installs, repairs and cleaning (regular cleaning 400). Good guy (always had come himself with some workers), speaks decent enough English, fair price. Nothing to complain really. tel 0813449052, can find in Line with this number too

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