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Medical Tourist Visa help

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It sounds a good ploy (I looked into it myself being a cancer and stroke survivor and my doctors being in Thailand) but for the UK you may want to read the actual requirements on the embassy website, they are as usual more stringent than other countries. 

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  1. At the current time, you need to apply for medical treatment under a Non O visa. Medical tourism visas (class"MT") are not currently being issued.
  2. A condition for being granted a COE for medical treatment is that you undergo Alternative Hospital Quarantine (staying 14 nights at the hospital) rather than Alternative State Quarantine.
  3. Applying from a Western country with good local healthcare is a long shot.

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Please keep it civil.OP please see this thread - COE on medical ground is extremely   hard to get. 




You have to start the process with the hospital and only some hospitals can do it. They may nto want to bother for such a small procedure but you can ask.


You will have to quarantine the entire  14 days at the hospital, even if the treatment takes less time. So it will be quite costly.


With time the process may get easier as the hospitals are complaining about it and their lost revenue.  Right now it is very difficult.

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