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Medical Insurance

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Hello I am looking to purchase medical insurance.


Can anyone tell me what is best for the the following:


Male - 40 (British)


South East Asia or Worldwide (exc US)

A plan that is reliable and recognised for direct billing with private hospitals throughout Thailand

Inpatient/Outpatient cover

24 hour assistance 

Direct Billing


I read good things about Luma Health but someone mentioned that they increase their policies based on their overall claims of all of their customers not on a individual basis.


I have a son 10 months old (Thai/British) and girlfriend 32 (Thai) I believe they are covered by the Thai Universal Health system?


Please if anyone has any advice or previous experience researching and purchasing medical insurance that would be much appreciated.


Many Thanks,



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You are still young so there's many company's a Google Search or TV forum search will help get you quotes.

There's a lady TV mod who has much information and good advice.


I use the Thai health system because when I got older they dumped me.

Fortunately unlike others I wasn't paying for private health insurance for too long. 

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At 40 you have abundant choices.  I have been very happy with April International (issued out of France not the local policy) and they have direct billing. But really at your age you have many choices.


it is always best to go through a broker. They will provide you with comparative charts of options and also help afterwards if needed with claims. I use AA broker  www.aainsure.net


Your GF and chld are indeed covered under the Thai government system but have to use the hospital which covers the area where they are listed in a tabian ban. (House book). This can be changed and is worth doing if they live somewhere other than their TB listing and expect to be there (i.e. in that city/town) for a while.


I think you will want to reconsider the outpatient cover once you see the premiums as it almost doubles the cost. In-Patient only policies will usually still cover outpatient cancer care and dialysis; some also cover care in an ER and outpatient care for 30 days after a hospitalization. Outpatient costs in Thailand, except for things like cancer treatment and dialysis, are quite affordable and the added premium for insurance that covers OPD is seldom worth it.

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