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Thai bank gives thumbs up to STV plan - "wealthy" tourists with high spending power best place to start

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The virus don't make any difference between poor wealthy and rich wealthy , it is an illusion again and they wear some pink sunglasses, i can understand the situation is very complicated and 2021 will be more difficult, and up this there is the strong baht with a failing Thai economy.,please explain me this.

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1 hour ago, Donga said:

Wealthy tourists with high spending power are very unlikely to stay three months in Thailand. But I suppose it is a timid start. However, to have an impact on the millions unemployed, Thailand needs to ramp up seriously and soon. 

What better way than going back to safe countries, bubble approach? There are already many countries in the region, including big markets like Japan, Australia and South Korea where the chances of someone boarding a plane with Covid would be 1 in 10,000.. even before you apply tests 3 days out and upon arrival.

With existing distancing and face masks, the chances would be around one in a million. So bring them in tested from "safe" countries, have them wear masks, isolate for a week perhaps. If one or two beat those odds and slip the net, the chances of an outbreak are minuscule, e.g. the Egyptians earlier and recent DJ.

Sooner or later other countries in the region will see this and let's hope Thailand is an early adopter.

I'm regularly trying to "game this out", trying to see what a realistic compromise between the needed volumes of visitors and the safety measures could be. And I always get stuck on the isolation part, the quarantine. If you want to maintain control you will never get the volume of tourists you need. There are bottlenecks both at the embassies and at the ASQ hotels.

You need a system where visitors are incentivised to self-quarantine for a period, a system where you get checked in and out with appropriate testing, a system where you are penalised for breaking the rules. It doesn't sound like fun and it does sound like the perfect opportunity for police and other locals to capitalise on your vulnerability as a visitor. And people will of course slip through the cracks. Some of them.  

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2 hours ago, madmen said:

One big upside is condo owners are already approved.

That's news to me - when did that happen?

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