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Evacuation plans prepared as storm Noul targets Thailand

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Evacuation plans prepared as storm Noul targets Thailand

By The Nation



Nipon Bunyamanee


Evacuation plans are being drawn up for thousands of residents in the path of tropical storm Noul, which is due to hit the Northeast as early as Friday and then cover Thailand this weekend.


The government has ordered the Disaster Prevention chief and provincial governors to prepare teams and machines to reduce loss of life and damage to property.


The Meteorological Department warned the storm is strengthening as it barrels towards Vietnam and Laos and could become a typhoon by the time it reaches Thailand.


Residents in flood-prone areas have been warned to beware of flash-flooding.


Deputy Interior Minister Nipon Bunyamanee has ordered local authorities to monitor the situation closely and be ready to evacuate residents, especially those living in landslide and flood-prone areas.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30394710



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-09-17
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"Government" taking the opportunity for "show boating" - showing how caring and considerate they are! 

Very little rain so far West of Udon Thani.

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Steady moderate rain here north of  Korat since early  morning. Cooled down a lot too !

Lucky  to be south of what could  be a major rain  event  up north but at least has downgraded  a lot. !

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