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Drink Chang not hiso girls beer, Chang always fresh. 

Having just finished the last case of my lockdown beer stash, I thought I would buy a case or two just in case there were any future restrictions. I went down to  my local Villa Market to  purchase tw

Drink rum it gets better by the glass 

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Just goes to show you how much beer gets (or doesn't) manufactured and consumed for/during Songkhran.


Two Heineken cans yesterday from local shop, fill date 10/03/2020, tasted OK.


Usually the mass local brewers have fill dates of within the last 2 weeks.

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8 hours ago, steelepulse said:

I've now got Mrs SP checking dates before she buys.  Even some 7's and Family Marts still are carrying old stock.

I get my Missus to check everything, not just Beer.

Best before Dates dont seem to ring any bells at all with Thai 

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