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Why no home quarantine in TH?

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This is too easy. How much money is there for home quarantine, and how much money is there in mandated quarantine? Duh.

Because some people don't understand what quarantine means, just one of many examples: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/09/11/us/miami-university-student-party-covid-trnd/index.html What are they sup


5 minutes ago, howerde said:

It was possible in the early days for Thais, but as usual there were the people who simply did not bother, so now everyone does, except for diplomats i think

Actually, it was only possible for diplomats and VIPs at first,  Then some VIP didn't bother and went to a mall while infected when he was supposed to stay home.  So now everyone has to quarantine.

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Just a hunch......

But I'm betting on the dismissal of ongoing entry protocol [mandatory 2-wk quarantine, documented test 24hrs prior, BS COVID insurance scam, etc] when they do open up the gates for everyone. 

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