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Experts weigh impact of Bt51bn stimulus on Thai stocks

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Experts weigh impact of Bt51bn stimulus on Thai stocks





Experts say the government’s latest stimulus injection of Bt51 billion will affect the stock market – but only slightly.


On Wednesday, the Centre for Economic Situation Administration (CESA) approved the Bt51 billion injection via two schemes for mainly low-income citizens.


In the first scheme, 14 million welfare cardholders will receive an extra monthly discount of Bt500 on their shopping from October to December.


Under the “Kon La Khreung” (Let’s Go Halves) scheme, 10 million people will get daily discounts of up to Bt50 on food, beverages and household essentials (not including alcohol, tobacco or lottery tickets) sold at smaller, non-franchise shops.


Trinity Securities said the measure will have a limited impact on the stock market, since it was designed to stimulate low-income citizens’ purchasing power in the short term.


“It will not be beneficial for investment,” predicted Nattachat Mekmasin, Trinity’s senior vice-president.


Koraphat Vorachet, an analyst at Capital Nomura Securities, forecast the measure would boost Thailand’s economy by around 0.19 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP). It would also support the next phase of economic recovery if the money was spread widely between local shops and stores, he added.


He agreed the stimulus would have a limited effect on the stock market.


However, Capital Nomura Securities predicted a big beneficiary of the stimulus would be Siam Makro (MAKRO), whose customers are mainly small entrepreneurs.


Following MAKRO would be Berli Jucker (BJC) and 7-Eleven operator CP All (CPALL), it added.


The measure will also benefit drinks companies that produce products to sell in local stores, such as Ichitan Group (ICH), Sappe, Carabao Group (CBG), and Osotspa (OSP), said Capital Nomura.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30394727



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-09-18
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Get out the seaweed, the Crystal balls again. There should be a Government warning, 'Danger, Experts Predicting'.


I predict the price of gold will go down and then go up again and go down and up within the next 20 years. I predict there will be more uses found for rubber in the future. I predict all will go quiet on the Boss case within the next 2 months, and all those alleged to have been implicated in the original shenanigans will be in senior positions or retired on shed loads of money.

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7 hours ago, PatOngo said:

I should think low income earners are more interested in food than stocks! Or is there just an outside chance that some of the stimulus injection may fall into the wrong hands? Crazy though, I know! 🤔

Beer stocks, soda stocks, sugar stocks

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