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On 9/18/2020 at 4:04 AM, Brightly said:

Although this was a pretty hip and liberal crowd, I felt like I was at a Trump rally!

Therein lies the answer.  The USA is much more dangerous when it comes to COVID exposure.  We may criticize the Thai gov, but they've done a heck of a better job than the mighty USA when it comes to dealing with COVID.  I find myself being pretty lax when it comes to the mask...but still have to wear it going into stores.  There just isn't much COVID in CM....until they start letting in international travelers. 

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What virus? Thailand has been domestically free of covid for over eight 14-day cycles. If 14 days is the accepted time for viral symptoms to manifest, I'd say you can forget masks. We are WAY in the clear now. 

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Although Thailand is doing extremely well with COVID, we are not virus-free.


There was a COVID death reported here today, and although that may be statistically insignificant compared to our global neighbors, there are reasons we’ve been spared overall.


One of the many exceptional choices our host country has made is mandating/encouraging the use of masks.  In my mind, I has been vital, although perhaps more early on.


 However, Thais were already inured to mask-wearing well before the pandemic.  As they are more socially (versus individually) oriented, I feel mask wearing should be enforced, and we should continue with it (and that includes us farangs).


If mask compliance continues under the auspice of “It can’t hurt, and may well help,” truly, who is hurt by this?  Those who feel inconvenienced?  Others who feel their freedom is being mitigated?


it’s a small piece of cloth that may save lives.  I say we all should do it, especially in crowded venues (which are only relatively safe already due to our outstanding stats).


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On 9/18/2020 at 6:46 AM, Yinn said:

Difficult for eating/drinking with mask.



Yinn is stating the obvious? I have to go and lie down now.

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Maybe this isn’t the worst pandemic ever, but that doesn’t make it negligible.


A little piece of cloth, worn by everyone (remember, unless we’re all wearing N 95s for our personal safety) are for one another.


A little piece of cloth can’t hurt, and may well help.


It seems like a simple undertaking to me.


Eating out now is problematic.  Open-air dining with ample social distancing are the only solutions I see.


But drinking while out?


This little baby may not be perfect, but it’s got to be considerably better than nothing!








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On 9/18/2020 at 4:04 AM, Brightly said:

Is it just me?  Am I out of sync with what’s happening in CM?  Should I say something?

I need some perspective on this.

You are exhibiting signs of partial sanity, rendering yourself extremely out of synch with the zeitgeist of expat deviant counterculture, as well as the always-on reality show, "Amazing Thailand."


Best keep it to yourself, and, you are better off without perspective, which is very expensive and tiresome to keep up.




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