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Coronavirus: Thailand added to England's 'quarantine-free' list

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Oh gosh, how wonderful! No, wait. Does England not have over 3000 new infections per day, does England not have a testing system that is about to collapse, does England not have resurgent city by

? Shambolic! I came back a few weeks back and Im not a witness to this.... The only thing thats shambolic is the government over reaction .... and more infections are to do with the fact they are test

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This would only apply if you got a direct flight, or a layover in a travel corridor country (unlikely) 


Regardless, Perfectly reasonable. 

Basically the U.K. (and the USA) are open, all you may or may not need to do is self isolate and report where you are. Home, Hotel, etc. 

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4 minutes ago, polpott said:

My flights to the UK go via Dubai. Not a problem for xfer passengers.


No need to self isolate, that's what's being removed.

I just read on the U.K. gov website that if you transfer through a non corridor country then you still need to isolate. 

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1 minute ago, Mama Noodle said:

Do whatever you want bud, I couldn’t care less, but the wording is perfectly clear and you’ll need to fill out a declaration on arrival as well, and filling it out falsely makes you liable for a 1000 pound fine (also in the link)

Never filled out a declaration on arrival. I am a UK citizen with a UK passport, which, I presume, you are not.

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1 minute ago, Dialemco said:

Better check your facts you have to send questionnaire by email before departure country of origin declaring your full itinerary 

Not any more. Check your facts. And what if you live in the UK? Itinerary for the rest of your life?

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