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Pattaya: China's state news agency calls resort deserted and Thais have no money

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Pattaya: China's state news agency calls resort deserted and Thais have no money



Picture: Kom Chad Luek


A report by the Thai arm of the Chinese state news agency Xinhua published pictures and a brief one paragraph report about the desperate state of Pattaya.


They said the pictures were taken on Tuesday this week. 


They showed empty deckchairs, an almost deserted beach and sea. 


And a lonely farang looking at his phone. 


Pattaya was once thronging with Chinese especially the beach that became a drop off point for sea tours, notes Thaivisa. 



Picture: Kom Chad Luek


Now Xinhua has said that the closure of the airspace and the borders have left Pattaya deserted and the Thai people with no money.


Xinhua is the biggest news organization in China and one of the biggest in the world in terms of the number of correspondents. 



Picture: Kom Chad Luek


Thai media Kom Chad Luek carried the story and provided a link but made no mention of where it came from in the body of their brief report merely mentioning that it was "foreign media". 


Source: Kom Chad Luek



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-09-18
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