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Thailand Road Carnage: 65 dead Wednesday, 2020 death toll about to top 10,000

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Can't blame the tourists any more for the terrible road death figures. Good to see that they didn't use the word "accident".  Road crashes are very rarely an accident, there is always a cause.

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2 hours ago, Badrabbit said:

Thousands upon thousands die on the roads but all they care about is 57 Covid deaths, they could open up the country today but fear is gripping the powers to be, media should be saying "come to crazy Thailand only 57 Covid deaths! we are number 1 for road deaths over 10,000 deaths so far this year!! enjoy your vacation knowing you will be very safe from catching the Virus, please wear a crash helmet at all times, enjoy Crazy Thailand"

If we could just convince those with the virus to go out for a drive all would be good.

Nice to see Thailand returning to the "old normal" at least in some statistics...

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3 minutes ago, Jimbo2014 said:

Im starting to think that this is an elaborate way to increase car sales.  After all, why else would one of the largest per capita police forces be completely absent from the roads?

Not new car sales, the insurance company's just fix the old ones put them back on a second hand car sales forecourt, then another idiot buy's them and has another accident because of poor driving ability and un-road worthy vehicles.

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