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Pattaya: Nine events to promote tourism announced for September to December

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Pattaya: Nine events to promote tourism announced for September to December




A meeting of business and tourism leaders at the Sunshine Garden Resort in Pattaya was told of plans for nine events to promote tourism in Pattaya from now until the end of 2020.


Seri Jampangern of the tourism development office gave the details of the exciting events Pattayans can look forward to though he stressed that all must follow the Covid-19 prevention guidelines. 


On Sunday September 27th there will be a charity run in Jomtien and a classic car event on Walking Street.



Picture: 77kaoded


On Saturday 31st October Pattaya will celebrate Loy Krathong - the secular Thai festival in which Thais make boats and float away their worries - on Pattaya beach. This day will also feature a "Bikini Run".


Friday/Saturday November 27th/28th will be the Pattaya fireworks event. (Thaivisa notes this is normally termed "international" but that word was left out of the 77kaoded report). 



Picture: 77kaoded


On Sunday 29th November there is the Rotary run on Pattaya beach. 


Friday/Saturday 11th/12th December features a music festival on Pattaya and Jomtien beaches. 


Weekend events connected to a winter festival begin at Na Klua Old Market on Saturday 19th of December (lasting until February). 


End of year celebrations will take place at Bali Hai port from Tuesday December 29th to Thursday December 31st. 


Source: 77kaoded




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-09-18
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Would be nice to have some actual details about these events. Or who to contact to get more details.

For example, the "classic car" event. Meaning what ? Anyone with a "classic car" can just show up at Walking Street at some time during the day ? 

Oh great, there'll be a charity run in Jomtien on the same day. I guess you'll just have to show up and drive up and down Jomtien Beach all day until you find out where to sign up (or until you find out the event ended hours earlier).

A bit more detail in the Pattaya Mail article, however when I search for the Eastern Region Classic Cars Show 2020 (or "รถคลาสสิกภาคตะวันออกแสดงปี 2020") I get no results. 

At least it's better (slightly) that what we usually get, which is a report about an event that just happened that no one knew about (like that "beauty pageant" they had at Central Festival a few weeks ago that we found out about the day after it happened).

I'm sure a lot of you will be wanting to know just where and when the "Bikini Run" is happening as well on 30 Oct as you'll want to be there early to get a good spot to cheer on the participants. (Or just do a lot of "panting".)

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Looking forward to the fireworks one already, usually a great evening and I book a hotel in town. Just wondering how the foreign shows will get into Thailand.

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21 hours ago, Kerryd said:

Would be nice to have some actual details about these events. Or who to contact to get more details.

Why don't you join the LINE group? Link given twice on the page.

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16 minutes ago, BigStar said:

Why don't you join the LINE group? Link given twice on the page.

For starters, that would only connect you to the news site, not the organizers of the different events.

And if you actually did click on the Line links you'd find they go to a Pattaya News site, which does not give any details regarding the different events. Both of the "Line Add Friend" links in the article go to an account showing as "pattayanews.com".
There is another link you can use to comment on the article and another link to the author of the article.

I don't see any links to anywhere that will tell me who the organizers are for the different events or anything other than "something is happening (somewhere) on this day".

Considering that Eastern Region Classic Cars is supposed to be the organizers of one of the events and they don't have anything listed on their own FB page. I know (from the Pattaya Mail article) that the YMCA is involved in the charity run in Jomtien. One can assume that the fireworks event will be held in Pattaya Bay after dark on the appointed day.

The meeting (and the events) don't even show on the TAT (Pattaya Office) Facebook page ! (https://www.facebook.com/Tourism.Pattaya.Office/?ref=page_internal)

Nor does anything appear on the "Official Website of Tourism Authority of Thailand" website. (https://www.tourismthailand.org/Destinations/Provinces/Pattaya/469)

The Pattaya Business and Tourism Association (which hosted the meeting) has a single line entry on their FB page noting the event took place and a couple pics. That's it.

Meh, who wants to watch a "bikini run" on the beach anyways ? 

I know someone that owns a restored old Willys Jeep, maybe he'll be displaying it at the Classic Car show on Walking Street (or maybe he would if he know about it). 

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