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High-pressure washers to become controlled item in Thailand after one electrocutes user

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Wise man!  Next he will be suggesting the average Thai house has an earth system that works 😅

Listen to the experts.      

Yes indeed.

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31 minutes ago, emanphoto said:

Wait, what?

In a country where I had to wear slippers because my Mac keyboard would shock me?

Maybe if all electricians were certified and there were actual standards for them to follow, this, and a multitude of other deaths, would be avoided. 


Perhaps the poor sod who died had done a DIY on his home electrical with no safety cut etc?  So we blame the appliances? 


I had to have a rubber mat in front of the fridge for years to avoid shocks... 3 pin sockets all around the house but nothing connected to earth, Even connecting the canon camera by usb would result in a shock.

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Luckily when I built my house I was there and made sure every part of the electrical system was 3 wire earthed with a top quality RCD unit and only junction boxes, NO taped joints in the ceiling.

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