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Super Poll finds over 80% support protesters’ demands

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Super Poll finds over 80% support protesters’ demands





Nearly 83 per cent of respondents to a recent Super Poll survey support pro-democracy protesters’ key demands – to end state intimidation of critics, dissolve Parliament, and amend the Constitution.


The poll surveyed the opinions of 2,145 professionals and workers across the country from September 10 to 17, said Asst Prof Noppadon Kannika, director of Super Poll Research Centre. 


It found that 82.9 per cent agreed with the protests and their core demands, while 17.1 per cent were opposed. The poll was taken as anti-government demonstrators gathered for a mass protest in Bangkok this weekend.


More than nine out of 10 (94.1 per cent) believed the current political conflict would lead to more severe conflict and damage, as seen in previous years.


Asked to consider winners and losers in the present conflict, 71.9 per cent said the loser would be Thailand itself, via a worsening economic crisis.


Only 17 per cent supported the return of street protests, with 80 per cent opposed.


The poll showed that 92.7 per cent wanted a peaceful democracy in which political conflict was resolved in Parliament and did not spill into the street.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30394779



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-09-18
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19 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

Super Poll finds over 80% support protesters’ demands

What these protesters fail to realise is that when you self appoint 33% of the government you only need win 20% of the vote (or less dependent on other parties) to extend junta based rule. Until that changes, Thailand will forever be rules by the clowns

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