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Philippines reports 3,257 new coronavirus cases, 47 deaths

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Philippines reports 3,257 new coronavirus cases, 47 deaths



Mothers wearing masks rest with their newborn babies on shared beds inside the maternity ward of the government-run Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Manila, Philippines, September 18, 2020. REUTERS/Eloisa Lopez


MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines' health ministry on Friday reported 3,257 additional novel coronavirus infections, marking the 11th straight day the country has recorded more than 3,000 daily cases.


In a bulletin, the ministry said total confirmed cases have increased to 279,526, most of which are in the capital, while deaths rose 47 to reach 4,830.



-- © Copyright Reuters 2020-09-18
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If you ignore everything that's been learned about this virus you end up with a scenario like the above picture.


Keeping all the ill people together in one large room where they continuously breathe out the virus and the other patients breathe it in is the opposite of what should be happening.


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