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Bangkokians Urged to Join World Car-Free Day

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Bangkokians Urged to Join World Car-Free Day




BANGKOK, Sept 18 (TNA) – Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang urged Bangkok residents not to use their vehicles for World Car-Free day on September 22.


He encouraged them to use public transport or bicycles to help reduce air pollution.


He said Bangkok city hall has accelerated to develop public transport network and mass transit connections of buses, public boats and electric rail services.


Full Story: https://tna.mcot.net/english-news-541140



-- © Copyright TNA 2020-09-18
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from some places you need a car to drive into bangkok, or at least to a park and ride spot to change to the BTS/MRT!!


Additional I see a problem with BTS, if really every car user would use the BTS. Now it's already horrible at some times like 6:30-9:00 for some stations. You have to wait 4-5 trains to be able to go inside (at least pre-COVID). if additional passengers would come it only would make it worse.
They should increas the Trains and other public transportation much more, before it's possible for everybody. If you life near a BTS/MRT then yes I agree it's easier to go by public.. but if you have to go by bus and have to change 2-3 times.. that's horrible (maybe less car whould improve the bus ride.. but how can you check this when there is always traffic jam...

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