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Alicia Keys: 'I was supposed to end up a prostitute or addicted to drugs'

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Alicia Keys: 'I was supposed to end up a prostitute or addicted to drugs'

by Ben Beaumont-Thomas



Alicia Keys: ‘I’ve definitely never been somebody where money defined me.’ Photograph: Milan Zirnic


Musicians can be prone to false modesty or putting their achievements down to whatever spiritual energy is currently in fashion.


There is none of that with Alicia Keys. “If you put me in a room, I will close the deal,” she says, filling her hotel room with infectious CEO energy, all emphatic statements and eye contact.


“But at the time I was bringing my music into the world, it was not on trend, at all. All the radio stations thought I was a 40-year-old jazz crooner. Meanwhile I was 19 with cornrows from Harlem.”


Nevertheless, in 2001 Keys closed the deal in living rooms across America with a career-making performance of her song Fallin on Oprah, a song that “was nothing like anything ever, not yesterday, today or tomorrow”, says Keys. 


Full Story: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/sep/18/alicia-keys-i-was-supposed-to-end-up-a-prostitute-or-addicted-to-drugs

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Not any kind of lvl what she is but, i deside when i was 17 years old i going to get one famous woman in my coundry! That take 12 years but i get that woman! We live 1 and half year together, she was no good! One morning i only get my clothes and personal stuff! Leave keys on table DONE! Still famous woman in Finland put not good for me! And really weak on sex! She is 7 years older than me. Beauty, brain,good sex.... or what ever im never find in same baggage!


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