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Let's review; The visa rule in place from the government of Thailand is considered to be "humanitarian". It is intended to help people who are stranded in Thailand and who cannot return to their home

Permission to enter and remain in Thailand is at the decision and discretion of the Royal Thai Government's Immigration Department.   They, Immigration, then pass the buck onto the Embassy of

We need borders open to get new visas, and a way to return to Thailand with those visas w/o insane quantine measures, etc.    Please describe the "serious problems" that arise when self-fu

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I think getting the embassy letter and receiving a 30 days extension is still a very temporary solution. It's highly unlikely everything will return to normal within the next ~30 days. I'd be surprised if visa runs become an option again until some time next year. Anyway I hope they realize how many people will be overstaying after the 26th and offer a solution for everyone with means to remain here until the whole COVID thing blows over. E.g. something like a special monthly extension based on showing 50k in the bank for 30 days or something would be ideal, but that's of course not likely to happen.

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8 hours ago, Caldera said:

I think most countries' representatives (embassies) in Thailand aren't "amused" that the Thai authorities demand such letters. Their reaction to this nonsense differs, which is plain for all to see.


I can't say I blame my country's embassy for not issuing any letters at all (unlike in March, when they reluctantly did). But I like the approach of the US embassy better, which basically amounts to, "You want a meaningless letter? You get a meaningless letter!" - long may it last for the sake of those who need it.

The letter agreed is only a temporary thing and might be OK to buy time to get to get funds seasoned for an extension. Sometimes one needs to realize that enough is enough. Flights home are available (I'm not sure about Australia), but EU and US are good to go.

Looks to me they are holding two doors open 1) get a Non O or extension; 2) time to leave. The 30 day extension only helps this happen.

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This might be part of the reason why the US embassy started issuing letters:

Trump Considers Banning Re-entry by Citizens Who May Have Coronavirus

That's when I, and probably others, wrote the ambassador and asked him to reconsider.
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My UK brothers the FCDO have bottled it. Charge for them hunt them don't step until you get the letter. [email protected]


Resize all docs ensure under 5mb total.


Uk going back I to lockdown FCDO are doing business swiftly free of charge. Your non O visa or long term visa has been impacted by CV19. Detail your grievance clearly.


Good luck.

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12 minutes ago, ballpoint said:

We are seeing the rise of the "Covid Refugee", someone who is able to return to a country where they have citizenship or valid residency, but would rather stay elsewhere, despite not having the legal right to do so. 


or as the UK press has coined the condition: "Covid Cowardice"


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11 hours ago, Thaiforum said:

If you are a UK citizen you have to write to them and wait on average 5 days for a response. Irrespective of your reasons to stay you receive a rejection letter if,

So what are your reasons for not being able to leave Thailand & return to the UK? I can’t think of any that aren’t covered by the ones mentioned by the Embassy except medical & you don’t need a letter from them for that.


Oh & there have been reports of people being denied An extension using the US letter.

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17 minutes ago, Jack Hna said:

Your non O visa or long term visa has been impacted by CV19

If this is the case, you can explain to them that you need an extension to give time for your funds to seed To get the 12 month extension & you should get a letter 


Of course it’s probably easier to just go see an agent 

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