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Medical extension "application under consideration" (+ embassy letter + voided non-B)

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I made a visit to CW this week for the first time in years. I was recently laid off from my job that provided me with a Non-B visa and work permit. Both were cancelled earlier this week and I am now seeking a low cost way to stay in the country and continue seeking new employment. 


I am aware of the volunteer visa and another way to pay for a non-b through an agency. Both carry notable costs, and as I am now unemployed, I am hoping to find a new job that provides a visa/wp and therefore not wanting to invest in long term solutions quite yet. It would be wasted money if I am lucky enough to be offered a job in the short term. 


So, first I obtained a letter from my embassy that would grant me another 30 days. In February, I suffered a stroke and have been getting regular check-ups from my neurologist since. I had seen that the covid IMM announcement had a category for a medical extension, so when I saw my neurologist last week, I asked if she would provide me a medical certificate that stated she would like to continue to observe me through February 2021 (one year from the incident). She obliged. 


I went to CW, filled out a TM7, and attached both my embassy letter and medical certificate. I stated on the TM7 that the reason for requesting an extension was medical treatment at the specified hospital. I am now worried this was a mistake that it will complicate my ability to apply for a long term visa at an agency. 


While sitting with the IO, I was given another medical extension request form to fill out. She did not care to even look at the medical certificate. She only took the letter from the embassy. On this additional ME form, I stated again that I was seeking to extend to Feb 2021 (as stated by the doctor on the MC) to continue medical treatment.


I was passed on to a second IO who stamped all the paperwork and my passport. When she handed back my passport, I saw the new stamp read "Application of stay under consideration. Applicant must contact again in person on October **."  30 days.  My <deleted>, going into this, thought they might just grant me a stay to Feb 2021 on the spot. But they didn't even want the MC. 


I was a bit confused, since now I am not on any visa and my non-b is marked void. I asked for clarification on the October ** date, and what happens on that date if the ME is not granted. The IO called over a translator who told me not to worry and just to show up again on October ** - at that point I would likely be granted another extension. First the ME application has to go through "the big boss" she said. 


While I really did suffer a stroke, and the medical certificate is legitimate, I am worried about what kind of "proof" will be required of continued treatment. I thought this might be a simple solution to gaining more time, but now I am not sure what to do. I have no valid visa and no official "must leave" date. Only a new appointment set to discover what has been decided on my extension request. They took the embassy letter and gave me 30 days. 


Will the fact that this ME request is in process affect my ability to apply for another visa, such as a volunteer visa? If I am offered new employment, will it complicate that? What can I expect when I visit CW at the stated date? Will I be questioned and asked to provide more documentation of the medical issue? I am now feeling that I should have never attempted this and that there might be negative consequences. Is there a chance I will be asked to leave the country immediately if my request is denied? I am in my 30s and worry that being tagged with the ME request will just make them see me as a liability. I am confused at what my best options are now and how badly I have complicated my opportunity to seek a long term visa. 


So, in summary, what should I expect when I return for the next appointment? What are the possible outcomes? Is it wiser to get on a long term visa through an agency before the appointment, or is that not possible now that I have a responsibility to return to CW marked in my passport. Any clarity you guys can offer is appreciated. 





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The under consideration stamp allows you to stay until your application is approved or disapproved (very unlikely).

When you return they will probably do a extension stamp with the remainder of a 30 day extension. I doubt very much they will give you the full 90 days that is possible with and extension based upon medical care.

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