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Dash Camera for MG5 - Installation Shop Recommendation

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Have a dash camera for MG5 with dual front and rear lens.  Went to two installation places and they only want to use cigarette lighter plug and hang from the front dash camera.  They are familiar with concealed power for cars like Toyota, Honda, but not for MG Does anyone KNOW a competent installer who would they would suggest.  I have already been to Boy & Sound but they were very expensive for installation. 



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1 hour ago, impulse said:

A location would be helpful here. 


Not very practical to send you to an installer in Hat Yai if you live in Chiang Mai.



Googling reveals that there is a car accessories shop in Pattaya called "Boy Air Sound".


I guess he's in Pattaya.

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To the OP. Most of the fitter will use the C/lighter fitment as that's what the camera come with. But they will normally put any wiring via the roof lining and down behind the dash only popping out to go directly into the C/Lighter. The way they have done mine you cant see any wires well just a small bit that comes from the camera into the head lining the rest is fully hidden.


Their reasoning is that these cameras seem to only last a few years and will more than likely need to be replaced anyway. So why mess around with making it much harder to replace. Seems logical to me. Besides that what else are you going to use the C/L for, they don't come with the lighter plug in bit to use anyway. Have stuck a couple of snaps in to show you how they have done mine. Can you see loads of wire to the C/L??? the ones from the camera are behind the R/mirror anyway. Problem solved. The socket at the end of the power thing is for charging your phone and other bit's but I don't need that as I have one fitted in the car anyway.




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Op - the installation is quite simple and can be done by yourself relatively quickly.


Lots of videos online. 



a) Use the 12v Plug and hide the cables behind the upholstery yourself - very simple.

b) Use a ‘fuse tap’ and wire directly to the fuse box with an ignition on only set up. 

c) Use a ‘fuse tap’ and a ‘power magic / power saver device’ and wire directly to the fuse box with an ignition off set up (power saver prevents battery drain) - this gives you parking mode (if your cam has it)



Option (a) is quickest and simplest, a <30min installation. 

Option (c) is the best and records while parked. 

Option (b) is the perhaps the best compromise if you are not bothered about parking mode but want the least visible installation. 



I’ve fitted about 5 or 6 dash-cams (helped friends) - it really is very simple. 




Fuse Tap from Lazada




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I found someone.   He has a store located inside the Tesco Lotus on Sukhumvit rd.  Only 500 thb for install front and rear camera.  Very good job, hid all the wires.  He has lots of cameras too.  I would have bought from him as well if I had known about his store before. 


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