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Indian citizen 30days visa extension with/without embassy letter

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Hello, Has any Indian living in Thailand got 30days visa extension with the letter from the embassy of India? Are Indians getting 7days extention with Indian embassy letter or 30days extention? How to get the extension if Indian citizen does not have a letter from Indian embassy(as Indian govt is not issuing letter to their citizens as much as I know)?

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Without an embassy letter, you may be able to apply for the regular 30-day extension of a tourist entry if you did not previously have one. Some immigration offices allow it while others do not.


If denied an extension (whether with or without an embassy letter) you are given seven days to leave the country, and you will have to go.

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You can only get a 30 day extension with a letter from the Indian embassy.

You do not qualify for any other extension other than one for medical treatment.

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