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New Book on Thailand

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2 hours ago, piersbeckett said:

I think it tells it like it is from Thai & Falang angels


Does the author of the book use the incorrect spelling "Falang"?

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always interested n books on Thailand



Based on a true story and set on a culturally unique, sub-tropical island in South East Asia, Pené Moylan's debut novel delivers a plethoric account of her father, Peter Moylan's life. 


The devastating effects of Childhood Emotional Neglect are unravelled and with dry humour and pathos, Pené grapples with the East-West dichotomy in a tragic tale of love, sex, murder and the metaphysical.


With insight gained from being confided in by her father and deluged with personal information from her mother's kitchen hand, Dtoy, Pené produces a rich narrative laden with contrasts and testament


BUT this one does not arouse my interest at all


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