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Flying out to UK tonight on my own but my wife will go to the airport with me. Does anyone know if there many options landside before security. Also I'm assuming she will be able to enter the airport if she isn't flying.  


If that isn't the case then it would help to know and it also means I don't need to know the answer to my first question.

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9 hours ago, RichCor said:

...this response may find you too late ("Flying out to UK tonight"), but please see:


Are all the shops and restaurants open in Suvarnabhumi?
By jimmjam, Yesterday at 04:40 PM in Bangkok Forum



Yes you're right too late but thanks anyway. 

For the record my experience was that yes my wife could enter even though she wasn't flying.  I mention that as I believe that's not the case at all airports,  I believe London Heathrow didn't allow non passengers to enter at one point and possibly still don't.


As for eating before security it's not too bad as there are a quite a few places open but after it's gets very quiet. Today (20th Sep) there were 3 or maybe 4 that I saw with one customer in most. Better to eat before security if you can. 


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