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Baby elephant grieves after being separated from mum by storm 'Noul'

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Baby elephant grieves after being separated from mum by storm 'Noul'

By The Nation




A baby elephant was in tears all night on Saturday after being separated from his mother by tropical storm "Noul".


Officers of Thap Lan National Park in Prachinburi province were notified of the situation by locals and tourists who heard the noise of the baby crying.


They reported that it was a four-month-old male elephant, which showed signs of hunger and stress, and had possibly got separated from the herd and his mother.


The elephant was taken to the park’s animal nursery, as it was too dangerous to leave it outside during the storm, with the threat of landslides.


Some locals said that they had heard the noise of an elephant, which the park’s officers believed could be the mother. They said they would reunite mother and baby soon after he recovers from his present condition.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30394837



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