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21 minutes ago, audaciousnomad said:

Thanks for the report. Where's the step where you pay the 1900Baht?

Once you see someone at the computer.  They take the money.  And then a few minutes later I was given my passport back with under consideration until October 19. 

The biggest steps are getting to the room from the outside waiting room and then letting the people check your documents to get the numbered card to then see the official at the computer.  Once you have your numbered card , when the documents are checked, it is fast and easy.  For me , at least. 

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Thanks for posting this, I was planning on doing the same tomorrow.


The under consideration thing is pretty lame, waste a day travelling/immi/travelling +money, twice, to get 23 or 30 days extension?


I'm wondering, if you then go back with a new letter on the 19th October, could you then get another "extension" ?

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Anyone know the best spot to navigate to if driving there via Google Maps/taking a Grab? There is a newly created 'temporary visa' place near MTT on Google Maps but as far as I'm aware the location is actually wrong, and further from where you have to walk to the Temporary Extension building


or will the nearby Ibis hotel be sufficient/close enough?

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