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Five Year License Renewal at Lat Krabang DLT

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Made an appointment at Chatuchak (DLT area 1) for 9:00 on September 10th. Had my passport, yellow-book & pink ID. Was told that:

1. My permission to stay had to have 30 day left, and I only had 28, and:

2. I had to have a residence letter from immigration or the consulate.


Tried walking in at Lat Krabang (DLT area 4) Tuesday, September 15th. Had my passport, yellow-book & pink ID. Was told;

1. I would need to come back Monday, September 21 (today) for an appointment, and:

2. It was recommended (but not required) I watch the video online before the appointment. 


Watched the video Sunday evening (PITA) and printed out my conformation.


Showed up this morning about 7:30, waited until about 8:30. Went through the documents check, and I only needed the video conformation and my old DL, yellow-book & pink ID and (of course) signed copies of each. Watched a five minute video that explained the tests:

1. Color

2. Peripheral 

3. Depth

4. Reaction


Took about five minutes to take all four tests, and another few minutes to get my que number for photo. About twenty minutes waiting to have my photo taken, and about five-ten minutes to have my photo take, pay the fee (B555), get my receipt and new license.


Was out by about 9:30. So with the pink-ID & yellow-book I did not seem to need my passport or visa renewal or the residence letter. which was nice. To be clear, they may have looked at my passport when I made the appointment, but I did not have to show it today.











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