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The future after Covid-19 or the future of Covid-19: a pandemic or something more?

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The future after Covid-19 or the future of Covid-19: a pandemic or something more?

by Alex Peters




2020 has been undoubtedly been an unprecedented year so far. The start of a new decade was for many a sign of new hope, beginnings and opportunities. The chances however are looking slim. With some analysts predicting international travel not to rebound until 2022, its left many wondering if it will ever return to the same again. This fear hasn’t come out of a vacuum, the United Nation’s Framework Response seems to encapsulate the consensus amongst us all. ‘The COVID-19 pandemic is far more than a health crisis: it is affecting societies and economies at their core… it will most likely increase poverty and inequalities at a global scale’. The International Monetary Fund has already predicted a minus 3% global growth in April of this year which is an even worse recession than the Global Financial Crisis back in 2009. And dolphins have been seen swimming through the canals of Venice. It has most certainly been an unprecedented year to say the least. I’ am Alex, an MA student with studies cut short and resumed online due to the outbreak, with the intention of starting a career in Thailand after the pandemic recedes and international flights can start back. I’ have travelled intermittently through China, Vietnam and Thailand over the past two years, but now back in the UK, I wonder what the state of international travel, and even trade, with expensive tariffs imposed on commerce due to limited cargo in and out of countries, will come of over the next few months. My desire to travel the world started back when I was in Beijing, as a second-year student enrolled on a two -week summer camp created to showcase the innovation China had to offer, from the latest technology put in place for research purposes in universities, which included virtual and augmented reality devices, golf simulators, and a twenty- minute video telling us why Beijing is so great. The guided tour of course seemed another propaganda mission, but nevertheless come off inspiring to me, who until then had not travelled any farther than Spain. The prospect of this new world in another country sparked an interest I never knew existed. Just crossing the street was a mammoth task, where I was told traffic never stops, and the humidity so intense I could barely breath. But it was great, I started a relationship, and for the first time found a meaning and a use for my degree, post-graduation. I sensed that a life in Asia was at some point in time going to be inevitable. 


It wasn’t another year until I reached Asia again, this time further south to Hanoi and Bangkok where I met a friend back from the UK who had lived there for some time. We met, had some drinks in Khaosan Road and talked about our plans. Having travelled around Vietnam for the past few weeks and eventually making it back down to Bangkok, I showed him some of the negatives of my trip, and yes shooting on film in 2019 might seem strange but as a serious photographer I cannot help resist the warm textures that film offers, and mixing that with such vibrant Asian street life is sublime. It’s my intention to discover the rest of Asia too and quite possibly the world. Everything today is documented and remembered, making material more re-written than ever original, but one should not be daunted, we should learn as creatives to enjoy the tools of the digital age accordingly. Learning to synchronise old media with new technologies could and is already in many aspects here. 


Full Story: https://expatlifeinthailand.com/lifestyle/the-future-after-covid-19-or-the-future-of-covid-19-a-pandemic-or-something-more/



-- © Copyright Expat Life in Thailand 2020-09-21
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As was foreseen by some, stock markets around the world are tumbling. The money-printing stimulus in the USA is coming to an end.  However, the November elections are several weeks away.  To secure victory, Donald Trump will need to convince the Treasury Secretary to print more money, to maintain the upward trajectory of the Dow, S & P, Nasdaq, etc.


Naturally, inflation is going to take hold, weakening the mighty dollar. This is not a disaster, because it is in the USA's self-interest for the value of the dollar to fall relative to the currency of countries worldwide. Of course, it may prompt a race to the bottom. It remains to be seen.


Under Modern Monetary Theory, governments can print money endlessly for welfare, among other things, because, especially with negative interest rates, as in Denmark, borrowing money doesn't cost a government anything and so no money needs to be paid back. It can remain in endless debt, and only the value of its currency need fall.  It is a stealth tax on the population, naturally.


The financial world is heading for more turmoil, which it will not be able to head off.

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Donald Trump is a go getter and as soon as these vaccines are available he will have millions of dozes on the market worldwide at a very low cost and in some cases where poverty reigns free...........I think 2022 is very pessimistic for major countiries like USA UK Japan Thailand Germany Australia etc and by the turn of the year the fear factor  will die and by July we will see things getting back to normal. Unless clueless Biden win the election then we're all ...goosed 

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On 9/22/2020 at 11:49 AM, nobodysfriend said:

I do not think that it will become again as it once was .

The Virus changed the world forever , bad for humans , but good for Nature .

Everything is connected , every action provokes a reaction .

That reaction is the Virus .

Time to learn to live in harmony with nature , or to die .

No end to the destruction of ecosystems , no end to human suffering .

Is that really so hard to understand ?

The Virus appeared for the first time when the Amazonas rainforest region started burning . ( the lung of the planet )

The Virus affects the lungs of people , strange coincidence ...

A living planet defends itself , and that very effectively .

Laugh about that , as long as you can ...

It has long been claimed that natural disasters and pandemics are a racial karmic reaction when we have sunk too low morally. Karma acts on many planes apart from the physical and the individual.


Many New Agers like to claim that the planet would be better off without us. I can certainly see why they might think that, but the planet is specifically here for us, without us being here there would be no life on earth at all. We are the integral part of the cycle.

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