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Poor quality bottled water

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SWMBO and I make a habit of eating lunch in a certain well known food court in central Pattaya, on Mondays. We always have a bottle of "nam prao" each, 15baht the bottle. "Mi*ere" is the only brand av

If it is mineral water the TDS should be high.  

Who knew, 'Mineral water' contains minerals and is not in fact distilled or severely filtered water 🙄

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8 minutes ago, EricTh said:

When you have opened the bottle, you should test it within half an hour.


Who knows what goes in after opening.


Some mineral water are not clean, it really depends on the brand, what's your brand? I buy Singha water and no problem with that.


Where did you buy the test water stuff? 


Lazada or Ali Express. Not expensive.

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17 minutes ago, lopburi3 said:

If it is mineral water the TDS should be high.  

yes. the brand 'mentioned' is filtered RO / UV treated. minerals added. as specified on the actual label of the product in question. high TDS would suggest you are getting what you paid for.

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OP. What about if you took the bottles home and boiled the water? Then put it in the fridge.


I don't know if microwaving would do the trick. Try it.

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Been buying big bottles of water I think 10 litres or maybe more from local suppliers for 10 years or more years exchanging the big bottle is 15 baht.

When out in a restaurant will pay 5 to 15 for a 600ml bottle. 

supply and demand. 😄 

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