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No easy task for Thailand to revive tourism in October despite policy easing

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No easy task for Thailand to revive tourism in October despite policy easing

Source: Global Times



A vender carries food for sale at Pattaya beach in Chonburi province, Thailand, September 15, 2020. Photo: Xinhua

Thailand has become the first Southeast Asian country to relax tourism restrictions introduced during the combat against the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, a series of epidemic prevention and control requirements for tourists show that it is not so easy for Thailand to revive its tourism sector under the threat of an outbreak.

Last week, the Thai government unveiled a Special Tourist Visa plan to allow foreign tourists to enter, starting on October 1. The special visa will allow a stay for at least 90 days, and could be extended twice to a maximum stay of 270 days, a policy that is apparently designed to lure more long-stay visitors to help its tourism-reliant economy.

While the Southeast country may be eager to open its doors to foreign tourists, it also doesn't want to ruin the hard-won achievements in successfully bringing the outbreak under control, which is why it has set up a list of restrictions for foreign tourists that want to visit the country. These requirements and regulations are, of course, understandable, but they are also strict enough to demonstrate the complexities and difficulties that come with tourism recovery.


Full story: https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1201476.shtml



-- © Copyright Global Times 2020-09-22



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It is sort of braindead that they really could and should offer an easy way for the tourists still here to pay up and stay instead of being shown the door. What would a good price be? 5k extended for 3 months? Defeats their tourism drive and purpose entirely. 

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i bet i can get more people to thumbs up this comment then they can get for a 2 week quarantine. nonsense talk. 


to thailand please pay close attention to stevie.......i really like the part from 3:20 onward



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