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On 9/22/2020 at 11:39 AM, richard_smith237 said:

These times are brutal for many.


Being away from family is obviously extremely tough.


Op - was there not an ‘agent option’ you could have gone with to secure your stay here in Thailand?

[Ed Visa / Volunteer Visa ??]


Post/mail has taken approximately 1 week from the UK. I’m not sure where home is for you - What marriage papers were you lacking? (you are married to a Thai, right? - could the Amphur not have re-issued papers here?)


That said, being married to a Thai there were options but it seems the financial constraints of those options was too much, sorry to see that. 


Things will get better, Thailand has to open up again. Now would be the time to get some work and save some money in preparation for your return. 




I know a guy who returned with Certificate of Entry 1 month ago, he stayed two weeks in an ASQ hotel, he’s had two weeks at home with his family (Wife, daughter and Son) and has now had to go back overseas to work again. It’s extremely tough having to chose between your family and supporting your family - heartbreaking. 




My industry is in its knees, everyone has been furloughed or laid off. If it takes too long to recover I may have to sell up in Thailand and move back to the UK where I can at least contribute something in this downturn instead of relying on my Wife. 

I am heading back to the States after six years here. I'm married and on the O visa without the 400k. I make enough to support my family but not enough to put 400k in a bank account and then leave there forever (ironically to show that you have enough to support your family supposedly). 
Unlike some, though, I'm excited to get back. I have family and friends all over the States, and everyone says the same thing; it's precisely like here in Thailand. Businesses are open (in some places despite being told they have to shut down). All of my family in the medical industry say that the case numbers are being overhyped.
I say that not to talk politics but simply because I'm excited to leave Thailand and never thought I would be. I'm not worried about returning like many on here. I've enjoyed living here, met my wife here, and my son was born here. But, the place has changed and not for the better. Granted, the people who have been here for many years will say that has been in the making for decades. But, between arriving here in 2014 and now, I've noticed a very sharp deterioration in the ability to live here with any ease. At this point, living here costs about as much as living in the States, and the quality of life is undoubtedly much less with <deleted> poor service everywhere you go.
Even the foreigners have deteriorated. I think many of the people on this forum who are angry are stuck. They know it's terrible, but being old and retired with no possibility of work would make anyone grumpy. I'm thankful for only being 30 with plenty of working years ahead. 
Maybe we'll return to Thailand in 5 or 6 years. We'll play it by ear and see if things improve. But, as the old saying goes, happiness is Thailand in my rearview mirror. So long, Thailand, and thanks for all the fish.

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These times are hard for many of us.   I was living here for few years, trying my best to adapt and live in place where can mostly just go with speaking thai.    im really part of

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These times are brutal for many.   Being away from family is obviously extremely tough.   Op - was there not an ‘agent option’ you could have gone with to secure your stay here in

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