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Getting disappointed by April...

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It's been almost 2 months since I submitted the first application for the April International insurance through my broker AA. 


April's reply always comes within 2 weeks. I had a pre-existing conditions, so they had to re-calculate the premiums, but when I saw the numbers something was off. So I requested to receive the break-downs since it was a family plan with my husband. Of course another 1.5 weeks to get the reply. And they came back with break-downs which was different than the original quote they emailed. So I had to talk to AA again to fix the premium again and without any apologies from April, they fixed the premium for another next 2 weeks.... (they couldn't even sum their own numbers.. first quote says $2453, and when breakdown came, it was total $2300...sigh)


Almost ready to sign, but I found that April made another mistake, put my husband birth year as 1981, but his actual birth year is 1987. Guess what, I'm again waiting for their reply to re-calculate the premiums based on my husband's real birth year. And it's been 1 week already, still no reply.


My AA broker always cc me whenever he emails to April so I know my broker works hard for me, but it is always April's side that's pending. 


Is it really a trustful company? If submitting and accepting the application takes this long time, how smooth their claim process will be, I'm afraid.... very disappointed.

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My Wife, Son and I are covered with April Insurance. 


Wife and Son covered in May. 

I applied in June (when repatriating to Thailand). April were excellent and provided me with a certificate of Insurance (and Covid-19 cover) on the same day. I was very impressed. 


Since then down hill - the level of professionalism free falling to non-existent. 


I e-mailed numerous times to invoice me - it took 3 weeks just for the payment invoice. I was already in Thailand with cover I had not paid for !!! (and thus not 100% sure I was covered).



Its now September and I have not received any policy documentation - my e-mails have become more and more pressing, I’ve accused them of being unprofessional, they simply reply that they will send out documentation, but never do. 


I worry about their response should there be any need to claim. 


Given my experience with the terrible communication from April over the past 3 months I will not be renewing our cover with them. 





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I have had no problems at all with claims process.


Equivalent of 600k baht paid directly to hospital with no difficulty, and then another 30K in outpatient follow up reimbursed to me (the inpatient policy covers  OPD aftercare for 1 month) without difficulty. Minor hitch when they deducted the deductible for OPD claim not realizing hospital had already deducted it, but cleared up at once when I explained.


The application process was a bit slow (not as slow as yours, but a bit, whole thing took I think 4-6 weeks and that was with back-and-firth over a pre-existing condition) ) but once policy was in effect I have had no problems.



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I expect it is down to Covid 19. Less staff etc etc. I have found them very good. Myself and wife had claims this year and they promptly paid both. In our experience they have been excellent. I agree they are not the quickest of re-pliers  but get your agent to push them.

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