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Fresh Juice Stand In Upper Sukhumvit?

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I know there are various established businesses selling, and sometimes delivering, freshly made juice in Bangkok (e.g., Brocolli Revolution, Life Style Juicery, Veggiology...). In the fresh market where I live (Udom Suk--Sukhumvit soi 103), there was a woman with a stand selling drinks. She had a big juicer and would make a variety of fresh juices for a very reasonable price. But recently she decided to stop making fresh juice (not enough business, too much hassle?). So: Does anyone know of a similar juice stand in upper Sukh? Even if I had to go to On Nut, Ekamai, etc., it would probably be worth it. Thx

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I saw the fresh juice guy a few weeks ago between Sois 9 and 11...Had seen him before, quality, but pricey...also seen a guy only selling pomegranate juice in the same area.  Not worth a special trip, but it is there.


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