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Are Nana and Cowboy still dead?

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She was asking for you.  

A weird experience, I'll say - you took your girlfriend to Nana?

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8 minutes ago, Kenny202 said:

I dont care how many customers are around. What about the girls? Are there still tons of fl around same as pre covid?

I take your point to an extent, I suppose it depends on how much of a perv you are, but bars need punters for atmosphere or the whole thing is just too eerie. By memory there were still enough tarts around, but again this was late July.

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Saturday two weeks ago I have been to Crazy House at 22:30. Maybe 10 customers inside. No fun.

Amount and quality of girls declined compared to pre-covid. Could be that the best ones have been taken out on that day already, idk.

Normally, Crazy House is packed at weekends and this time. If they have only 10 customer, you can imagine how many in the other, less popular bars.


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saturday night in nana, had the whole place to me and gf, was completely empty and they brought out 10 girls for us while we sipped our drinks before leaving. A weird experience that may never have again aha

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1 hour ago, Keyser Soze666 said:

5 people in the whole strip is not dead?? Big LOL that. 


You just love an argument don't you. But I understand, your life is very boring, I get it.

Ok, I get it! If the doctor say that you have a deadly disease and give you 3 month left, then you will say you are dead already. Good Luck finding you topless bar full of punters. 🙂 

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