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Are Nana and Cowboy still dead?

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Depends what you are after.
There are enough girls in some of the bars, say only half are open. but not many customers.
Fairly dead then , but a few bars in Cowboy have groups of long term regulars for getting out and socializing.
eg Moonshine, Lighthouse.

IMHO Friday and weekend are best nights to go and look.

Been to Nana, hopeless except for Billboard. That was busy and the place to try if you want some lively entertainment.


If you just want to get out for a drink where people are socializing and there are eating places,

then a couple to suggest are W district outdoor food court Phra Khanong,  or train night market Ratchada (NB. music can be very loud)

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She was asking for you.  

A weird experience, I'll say - you took your girlfriend to Nana?

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17 hours ago, Kenny202 said:

I dont care how many customers are around. What about the girls? Are there still tons of fl around same as pre covid?

Sala Deng skytrain stop = PatPong   There are bars open with plenty of girls (some lookers) on the Soi that Starlight Bar is on. Starlight is still on same soi but moved further down the street.  The Soi that had bars and used to sell all kinds of suvineers and stuff as of 3 weeks ago (maybe a little longer ) had no clubs open and only 1 watch seller.

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18 hours ago, Keyser Soze666 said:

Cheers. Finally a lucid answer.

More likely finally an answer you wanted to read. You seem more interested in the customers than the businesses that are open. (I can't give you any input since I haven't been out at night for more than a year, but I'd believe NCC1701A and would go with that) 😇

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20 hours ago, Keyser Soze666 said:

Oh yes it has. I was in Cowboy around 3 months ago and there were only around 5 punters in the whole soi. 

At that time the bars/entertainment had just opened up after being closed due to the emergency decree. 

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