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Germany tells Britain to "stop the games", time running out for deal

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"Easiest trade deal in history".   😂😂😂😂😂

Well they would do, as it's getting close to the end whistle and Boris is winning. They were always cheating, even at Jeux Sans Frontiers. Now, It's a Knock Out for Boris.

This article suggests that it might be a 'bad thing' to not 'get a deal'.   The UK doesn't need a deal, it will make its own future without EU interference and invoices.   The end

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2 hours ago, Matzzon said:

Wait and see! You will not have the same opinion in 2-3 years from now. Then Boris will be knocked out instead.


     Give us a clue . 

      Who will knock out Boris ?. 

     Germany , must be due for a win .

     Law of averages ..

    However , that said ..



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