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Where to "Stash the Cash" now?

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Dear All,


We are all in a mire of Financial and Business uncertainty on a Global Scale.


Fortunately, I saw the Covid-19 Financial "Tsunami" coming and on February 18th moved all my stocks and pensions into cash.


However, I am still in cash and having retired some time ago I wonder what and where you might feel is a good place to invest.


My "Crystal Ball" has gone Murky! :unsure::unsure:


My investments/pensions were pretty much all FTSE based (UK) with some US stocks also, but I would have taken a massive hit if I stood still.


Now I have cash, but no income....I am not "Loaded" but comfortable!


Any ideas???


Most comments gratefully received I hope!...I have asked questions on here before! :cheesy:


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3 minutes ago, GeorgeCross said:

stocks VWRL 70%

bonds VAGP 20%

10% gold hedge


cash split 3 ways - £ $ Bht





Thanks George, but please can you decipher for me...I was in software sales....not Finance???? :thumbsup::jap:

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24 minutes ago, Mario666 said:

Thanks George, but please can you decipher for me...I was in software sales....not Finance???? :thumbsup::jap:

so vwrl and vagp are both vanguard index ETFs (they are their ticker symbols so you can google them - vanguards site is very good and breaks them down perfectly)


vwrl is all world stocks - doesnt get anymore diversified than that. its domiciled in ireland so perfect for uk or offshore holdings. if you are US an equivalent would be VTI also from vanguard 


vagp is all world bonds - again from vangaurd and domiciled in ireland (both trade on LSE btw in pounds) - mix of treasuries, mortgage and corporate bonds. US equivalent would be BND


i use the gold as a hedge for catastrophe insurance - it has a tendancy to dive in a big crash (like in march) but like the bonds recovers much faster and higher than the stocks as a side effect of the inevitable post-crash central bank intervention (rescue!)


the stocks are for long term growth. you could substitute this for VUSA (S&P500 index tracker ETF) if you fancied more "pep" but it also comes with more volatility. personally i like to read the financial news with a passing "meh" rather than "oh shït!" moments but each to their own lol



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2 minutes ago, 4MyEgo said:

Wish I could see that "Tsunami" coming as I am now 50% down on most of my blue chip stocks and most dividends have been cancelled too, that said, I have enough in reserves (bank) to keep me going for another 4 years before I have to start selling some shares at either a loss or profit, hopefully the latter.


Work out what it costs you to survive per month and maybe you will see that there is enough there for you to survive on till you pop your clogs so to speak.


Like I said, maybe start living off of your cash as I wouldn't be wanting to be investing in anything at the moment, too risky with a lot of the unknowns.

Thanks Mate,


I think you are right.....I am even holding cash in Sterling, Thb and US $ 


If they all go down the tubes I will have to go back to subsistence......Fortunately my house is on a beach on Samui so fishing it will be! :thumbsup::jap:

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I would not play for the money, but put them into stock market in land based gambling. Here we have casinos and resorts of great magnitude that has been closed and lost their value on the stock market. What you really can trust is that both virtual and land based gambling is coming back. That as well as a certain expansion prognosed until 2030 makes it a sure bet. But be sure to only invest in the big and established hotel and casino groups. 

For example Century Casinos, Caesars and Las Vegas Sands. All are chosen from the American gambling market, due to that is the one that are growing fastest in the world at present time. Mean that you are making money on gambling instead of gambling the money away. 🙂 

If you want a real ride, then you go for 25% in the Colombian gambling market as well.

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