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U.S Green card / L.P.R out 1 yr - SB-1 Visa / Returning Resident Visa chances – Covid 19, Legal Help in Thailand?

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Have done months of research and decided it would be best to ask for some help as it’s now 21 days until my husbands been out of the U.S for one Year. 

Questions ~ 

  •  What are our chances of obtaining SB-1 returning resident visa from the Chiang Mai Consulate with our current situation (below)?
  •  We still have time to fly out before the 1 yr. out of U.S date.  Is it an absolute MUST that we go to maintain the Greencard? 
  •  What are our chances of just flying in February, March after we’ve gotten his father settled.  Out 15 months in Covid times.  How would we be treated at P.O.E in U.S?  
  •  Looking for recommendation for Lawyers who specialize in U.S Visa’s for Thai’s and specifically experience in SB-1 visa’s applied for in Thailand. 
  •  Would be very helpful to hear from anyone else who has gone through this process already in Thailand.  


Thank you for any & all advice ~ Husbands info below 



  • Husband has U.S Green card / LPR since June 2015 valid until June 2025.
  • Departed U.S Oct. 16 ~ with Round Trip ticket to return April 7, 2020.   
  • Has filed Joint taxes with U.S spouse (me)  for 3 yrs with W2 tax form for his summer job in plant nursery in the U.S.
  • Has maintained U.S address, Joint U.S bank account, California I.D
  • Can obtain letter from U.S Employer stating ongoing employment upon his return. 
  • Mother died Oct. 2019, Pancreatic Cancer. Buddhist Ash ceremony Jan. 2020
  • Only sibling, Brother had accident and in Coma February 2020 ~ Died March 2020. Buddhist ceremony for ashes May 2020
  • Father, 70 yrs old now alone and declining mentally & physically after losing wife & son. Assistance required to find long term care. 
  • EVA air canceled return flight due to Covid-19 April 7, 2020. 
  • Village in Thailand locked down April /May limited inner provincial travel
  • Retail store in our live/ work shop in California closed due to Covid.19 ~  High local case rate of virus in home county. Rent paid monthly.
  • Income comes from joint U.S based online business shipping from California daily. Quarterly Ca. sales tax paid from joint account. 
  • Husband owns no property & does not work / have income in Thailand
  • Wife (me)  tore rotator cuff in Shoulder, MRI & Scheduled for surgery. 


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