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World becoming less tolerant of migrants - Gallup poll

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I think it depends on the type of migrants. If they are doing it legally, working and paying taxes then I have no issue with them but this is certainly not the case in the UK where we seem to be havin

All this survery really says is this :   If it's on your doorstep then it's going to <deleted> you off.   Lets send 1 million migrants to both Canada and NZ in a short space

Inevitable that as things get tougher, tolerance of illegal immigrants will reduce in any country.    

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Oh my Covid NO!, it can not be true, tell me its a fake poll done on a Pole or by hitting people with a pole.


The United States ranked sixth in the index just behind Sierra Leone. Ray said Trump supporters were far more accepting of migrants than the global average, scoring 7.10.

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41 minutes ago, GeorgeCross said:


hmmm, inconvenient :coffee1:


we'll need to bury this story then..




Inconvenient to which narrative, though?

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42 minutes ago, GeorgeCross said:

i wonder where thailand ranked? 



Less tolerant of immigrants . 

   Thailand , number One ...

  However that said , I have bought land , house  etc , in the kingdom ..





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Many think that migrant's/ refugee seem's to get better take care from coverment than native citizen!

And some times it's even look that way! One time, news interview one guy/refugee who was come Finland from coundry where pepper grow! He say :" almost all goign fine but i have to make my own morning tea , thats terrible"! Im not say what religion he had, but they anyway put they head on soil and turn to Mecca! Sometimes they also say "salaam aleikum"!

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1 hour ago, Morch said:


I haven't really dug into it yet, so not sure how migrants were classified/labeled. I'd suspect it's more to do with Rohingya, Myanmar, and Cambodian people, though. At least from Thai immigration's point of view, we (or well, most of us staying here long term) aren't classed as migrants.

Yes good point, I have to confess I didn't think of it from that point of view

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