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Latest day to apply for non O married extension Q's

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Question 1

Is the last day of the present permission to stay the very latest to apply for an annual non O married and be under consideration ?


I obviously won't leave until the very last days , was thinking about 4 weeks/a month in advance


Or is it  required 15, 30, 45 days exactly before please ? I cannot see the answer on the Immigration website.


Question 2

Will the validity of the new  extension be  from day of issue or day of application or date of expiry of present extension ?



A last is more speculative , I do realize the quarantine ceo issues about re -entry here, but unsure about entry to other ASEAN places


Does anyone think any border will open this year, be nice to revisit Penang , or Vientiane even Hanoi ? Bali/Jejeu by Air ?


From what I read Malaysia very unlikley .


I don't see any news about Laos , Cambodia or Myanmar.


Thanks in advance for any information



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Forget about visiting any of these countries this year except Cambodia (via Phnom Penh airport only) if you can secure the right entry visa, carry US$2000 cash with you, insurance, a covid free certificate and meet all the other requirements. 

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Your extension will run from the end of your current permission to stay, regardless of when you apply. You can apply up to 30 days (45 days at some immigration offices) before the expiry of your current permission to stay.

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