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Initial STV Application Instruction from Thailand Longstay Company

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3 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

What they might do is have the flights from a airport near here that is open for most people and it would be up to them to make arrangements for flights to those airports.

Where might that be?  Virtually every country in Asia is closed.  The closest plausible countries for such a scheme would be in Europe.

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Well if this visa gets me home to Thailand to see the wife and allows me to stay in Thailand for 90 days to start with then Im all for it. Some simply cannot afford the cost to quarantine in a ho

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I spoke with and received some initial application information for the New STV Visa from the Thailand Longstay Company and thought I would post it here for anyone wanting a little more information. Pl

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9 hours ago, Phillip9 said:

Where might that be?  Virtually every country in Asia is closed.  The closest plausible countries for such a scheme would be in Europe.

I wrote airports not countries. There are countries that are allowing transiting passengers.



South Korea


UAE with restrictions.




Source: https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/world.php

There are probably more that allow transit passengers.

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35 minutes ago, Tounge Thaied said:

And I wonder if you are now only required to Pre-Pay in advance for only 30 days now instead of 90?

According to what was posted from Thailand Longstay Company you pay for ASQ for the quarantine and also show paid lodging for 15 days after quarantine unless you show a lease or own a condo.  That's just the initial info that has not been officially approved yet so that could change 

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On 9/23/2020 at 8:26 PM, tabbycat said:

Sounds like far too much trouble. This will not go well and I expect the STV to quietly become obsolete whenever Thailand does a soft reopening of their borders next year 

Its not official yet but the indications so far if and when it becomes official they have already stated it will be available for a year, I believe they said to Sept 2021. Any or all the guidelines can be changed as they work thru the approval process. 

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