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Bone Broth - Ready Made in Chiang Mai / Pattaya?

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I've heard a lot about health benefits (collagen) of bone broth and would like to find a store where I can purchase good quality ready made bone broth.  I don't have a kitchen and so I'm not interested in making my own.  I know that in the USA there are ample sources to purchase ready-made so hoping somebody can point me to a source here in Chiang Mai.  Also, since I will soon be moving to the Pattaya area (Jomtien), a source there would be helpful too.

Thanks 🙂


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10 minutes ago, Farma said:

If fish collagen will do you can buy packets containing 50% fish collagen in pharmacies.



Thanks but only looking for basic unadulterated bone broth (made from bones, preferably beef bones), not manufactured food products.

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