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Video: Schoolgirl mown down on zebra crossing - driver claims she ran out

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Video: Schoolgirl mown down on zebra crossing - driver claims she ran out



Picture: Daily News


A Thai driver told police that he blamed a schoolgirl for running out in front of him


But dash cam evidence now in police hands tells a very different story.


Other vehicles had stopped to allow the M5 girl to cross.


Thirty second footage that was posted on facebook by "Pattarakit Pumpipat" showed the Toyota Vios being driven erratically and fast weaving in and out of other traffic. 


Then the student was hit. She was taken unconscious to Nakhon Pathom Hospital on Tuesday where she is in a serious condition. 


The home room teacher of the student took the footage of the accident to Phuttamonthon police after the Vios driver surrendered to them. 


No charges have yet been made, said Daily News, as the matter is still under investigation. 


The driver was named only as "A".


One person viewing the footage can be heard to condemn the driver saying "ay sat" - you animal. 


Soure: Daily News



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-09-24
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Most Thai drivers have no idea what a zebra crossing means. You take your life in your own hands using one.

Thai society is not mature enough to have ‘zebra crossings’ the reliance on everyone to ‘do the right thing’ is too much and those crossing the road are too vulnerable - I agree with those posters so

Totally agree they just give unwary pedestrians a false sense of security.  

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9 minutes ago, AlfHuy said:

3 dimensional zebra crossing.

They tried them already..but seems it was just a short term fad...maybe the paint didn't last very long

just like the paint used for other road markings  either faded or covered in grime  not that anyone pays much attention to them anyway.

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