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TAT turning to the "super wealthy" to boost domestic tourism

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9 minutes ago, talahtnut said:

A bunch of rich Thais staying in hotels owned by another bunch of rich Thais

equals net gain of zero for the economy, ordinary Thais will become poorer so

that they have to sell their businesses to bunches of rich Thais.

Its a massive cheap property grab. Same old story..rich get richer, poor get poorer.


It's always funny how we recognize the economic importance of domestic tourism for creating businesses, jobs, and wealth via work that wouldn't otherwise happen in our own countries--where would Blackpool be without it--but absolutely and ignorantly refuse to do so in Thailand.

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80 million domestic tourist trips in a country of 67 million inhabitants sounds quite challenging, isn't it? Especially when a few percent only have the financial means to do touristic travel at all,

yes they just contacted me and said thanks and to keep up the good work. 

Maybe they can lure "Boss Red Bull back to Pattaya for a weekend!

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Exactly one year from now, we may have a vaccine which is widely available.  Which nations will have it? It depends what is approved.  

And for tourism you need people all around the world to have said vaccine, and the funds to travel.  After this world wide shock, how many will have money to travel?  I'm not so sure there will be too many.  

My point being this ultra rich travel is needed for a long long time.  Next year could very well look remarkably like this one.  

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Yes, because the wealthy here really want to rub elbows with the local peasants. How delightful! 

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9 hours ago, Flying Saucage said:

Yeah, and let this be generously subsidized by tax payers money! :partytime2:

To be fair all those currently profiting from this subsidy promotion are likely the only ones who pay taxes anyway. Those who barely earn anything don't pay tax.

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8 hours ago, BigStar said:

Blinded by the usual bigotry, I suppose, imagining there are no super wealthy Thais, relatively speaking. We SO hate admitting that. It doesn't matter in the slightest what it implies to you but only what it means in fact to TAT.


Got that right anyway. LOCAL. Yes, they are talking about TWO DIFFERENT GROUPS, but not COMPLETELY DIFFERENT as both groups are also LOCAL. The LOCAL--shock!--includes the local super wealthy. That was clear from the headline: "to boost local tourism."


The comedy on the forum just never ends, eh.

So does the comedy in LOL.

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7 hours ago, DrTuner said:

Taxes are one part of it. Another part is the ability to trust you can stay in the country. Thailand's flipflopping with immigration rules and difficulty in getting permanent residency will let the competitors gain an edge. Plenty of small hungry countries will offer better deals.

Only invest in Thailand what you can afford to loose, changing rules all the time, corruption and the need for a Thai partner owning 51 % of your busineness without investing a single baht doesn't make Thailand an investing paradise. So be wise, think twice !

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14 hours ago, webfact said:

TAT turning to the "super wealthy" to boost domestic tourism

These poor ignorant fools have not the slightest idea that to even say/print that

they are looking for "super wealthy" tourists is in poor taste.


Instead they would do well to learn what being a good host means!


First welcome visitors of all race/economic class with open arms.

After all...If they can afford to fly to a country they can afford to visit it no?


Next provide them as good hosts should with a clean/safe/interesting visit for a fair price.

You will then be rewarded with income from such visitors.

You will then be rewarded with returning tourists.

You will then be rewarded with an improved economy


But start at the beginning & realize who is the host & who are the customers!!


Lastly realize you do not get to dictate who the customers are


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