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Great podcast on Bury FC and nonleague football

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The BBC has come out this month with a great and interesting podcast on the demise of Bury FC, nonleague football, Phoenix clubs, etc.


I've listened to the first 3 episodes this morning (currently 5 out of the series of 10 now available) and I'm impressed and interested.


Episode 1 on the demise is very interesting but sad. Episode 3 on nonleague football has been the best episode so far - £6 a game can you believe it!


I think anyone interested in football will enjoy it and for the great majority of supporters it is a reality that your club too could go bust or relegated down and out of the 92 club.




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12 hours ago, RickG16 said:

Financial hardships are indeed a reality for most clubs.


I am glad you listened to this. Might keep you in touch with the real world. 

You really don't help yourself do you.

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Just listened to episodes 4 and 5 this morning (epi 6 out next week) about AFC Wimbledon, Chester, the German membership system and the Red bull clubs, and the infighting between the various groups of Bury fans who either supported trying to fight to keep the historic club open or supported liquidation and starting a Phoenix club. A great listen.

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