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UEFA Champions League

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Dunno about that. I'd imagine the majority would support  his last two points.

The EPl is vastly over rated. The referees are disgraceful, and the way they operate VAR is laughable, compared to other countries. 

Read your post so i emailed beIN Sports Connect to check and asked "Are you showing ALL the Champions League games this season, including the group stages, knockout stage and final?"   Got a

5 hours ago, TigerandDog said:

you can watch live streaming on the internet, for free, on vipleague

I've just watched last night's United game now on AIS. Its on catchup, handy for watching any time and FFing through half time. Chelsea game on too. Only problem was last week had English commentators, this week Thai.

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Anybody know what's going on with BeIn Sports?.


They didn't show the first group matches, then they did show the 2nd and 3rd group matches, now there is no mention of tonight's matches on their webpage.

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Just been told by beIN customer service “Due to the recent changes in broadcasting rights, we regret to inform you that beIN Sports Connect Thailand has ceased broadcast of UCL and UEL.”

beIN do have the rights to the FA Cup so I’ll carry on with my monthly ฿99 subscription for now but disappointing nevertheless.


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What a sickener, I just woke up and wanted to watch the United match with 10m to go but realised True don't have the rights. I will miss Ole's motivating and inspirational post match talk now. What to do.....?


How can Thailand broadcasters not pay for CL football? Madness...


What's the best alternative guys and gals?



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5 hours ago, wilai said:

LFC get RB Leipzig. Decent draw that one. City got Borussia MG and Chelsea got Atletico Madrid.

Not that ANY r gonna b THAT easy.. but if you're gonna  pick one ....

I'de say city had the 'more favourao of the 3...DEFO would nt want athletico atm. And leipzip. One point of the top in Germany. And with Borussia well of the pace in Germany. Would,4 me Make them the prefferrd one of the three.

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