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Free People conduct 'exorcism' outside Army headquarters

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6 hours ago, webfact said:

The Free People group held a symbolic ritual in front of the Army headquarters in Bangkok on Wednesday (September 23) to “rid” the country of senators chosen by the junta

Free a demon to cast out the devil.

scary face7.png

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That should help. I hope they threatened a to put a curse on those senators who don't toe the line. But we all know they don't believe in spirits and magic do they.

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Locals are saying that exorcism is crucial to rid bad karma of these 250 senators so they can stop supporting evil deeds against a whole population in Thailand. Their bad deed arising from personal greed, not political conviction, adversely affects not only themselves but also their related family: one by one these unfortunate persons will be stricken by ailments as the bad karma rolls along in this group. There's no stopping the bad effects of bad karma except by stopping the evil acts and do good acts to get good karma to offset the bad. Why have themselves and their children suffer from bad karma by people cursing them and their families?

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