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Chiang Mai man who wanted a son tells how he murdered 6 day old daughter

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Chiang Mai man who wanted a son tells how he murdered 6 day old daughter



Picture: Sanook


Further details have emerged in the case of a Chiang Mai man who admitted to murdering his newborn daughter all because he wanted a son. 


Anuphap, 45, is in the custody of the Chang Pheuak police after he was reported by his wife. 


He is a gift shop owner in the Santitham area of the northern Thai city. 


He was taken by investigators to an area of undergrowth in the Doi Saket area near a cemetery where he pointed to the spot where he buried his six day old daughter. She was dug up and taken away for autopsy.


He said that he already has daughters aged 11 and 7 and wanted a son. 


In the morning he left with his newborn daughter in his car telling his wife he was going to visit relatives. 


Instead he drove to the Jet Yort area where he parked at a Khanom Jeen shop and bought toilet cleaner that he fed to the little girl in his car until she was dead.


He then drove to a car cleaners he knew in the Wiang Bua area and borrowed a hoe and a shovel. 


He buried his daughter in an area close to where his own father is buried. 


He then went home in the evening and told his wife what he had done prompting her to report him.


Investigations continue. 


Source: Sanook



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-09-25
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One of those stories that leaves you speechless....and somewhat numb

another crazy thai with zero for brains.

In jail he should have toilet cleaner as the only option to drink. 

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What's wrong with Thai society recently? Is covid causing sickos to come out of the woodwork? Yesterday a daughter kills her elderly father in a drunken rage, today a father kills a newborn because he wants a son (this is apparently common in China). 

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4 minutes ago, EricTh said:

Poor baby girl fed toilet cleaner instead of milk. It must have been very painful before dying.


Goes to show that some Thai don't know what's the meaning of being Buddhists.


If the father didn't want the girl, he could have given her up for adoption. It's cruel to kill her that way.

She must  have been forced to drink it as well 

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