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Anyone else get change of plan without asking from October 2nd ?


Oh nad after many attempts to contact received this , almost in English , think I need to visit a shop..


dtac If the problem cannot be solved, please call + 662 202 8100 dtac call center 24 hours a day (free! No service charge when calling from dtac prepaid and dtac SIMs) Sorry, this channel will have specific information. Moving camps to dtac, opening new numbers online or changing top-up on a monthly basis only. Must be disturbed




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Sound like something originally written in Thai and google translated into Thinglish.


If you'd like to expand on your original post, what's the actual issue.

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Thanks yes , sms text says a change of plan.

I did not request this.

Help centre wrote 4 machine translated messages

Number they gave answered twice in Thai then cut off.

I think I'll wait until 2nd or visit a shop unless other users receive same message, perhaps as I re-entered the Thai network, it's not urgent as its a spare phone for one of the vehicles.

The DTAC website in English isn't much help.

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Maybe use the web-based account management tools




or the mobile app




to determine the severity of your issue, and take action.



or just contact them via call center, 1678 (call is charged, maybe some small flat fee like 2 baht?) or one of the many other contact points. I find Facebook Messenger epxecially useful. English is fine, they sort out issues in a minute or two once contact is established.





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